"Jess is absolutely amazing. From the moment I reached out to her to the second she finishes; she was so thorough, helpful, resourceful, and professional. She knows that I'm a disabled mom on a budget who had never unpacked her closet into her new home. She sent me link after link of helpful items and helped me decide which ones would be helpful and which ones were worth 'splurging' on where I could cut corners to stay in my budget. When she came, I was having a very hard day and was in bed the whole time unable to contribute much. She took the lead and sorted through everything in a sensical and functional way. I waited a few extra weeks to write a review because I had another surgery after she came. Through that entire time, I was able to find everything in my closet perfectly and access things I totally forgot I had. When I was in the hospital, I was able to walk my husband through where was so easily over the phone and I was so much more comfortable having a functional closet. I have to give Jess so much credit for what she was able to do and can't wait to use her for more projects. I would recommend her to my closest friend and that is the highest praise in my book."
Carrie Lane
"Oh my GOODNESS. If you want your closet to be absolute perfection, you have to work with Jessica. Every time I walk into my closet, my jaw drops. She is so thorough & detailed and creative. I truly cannot recommend her enough. Not only will your closet be organized, it will truly be beautiful. Every step of her process was so well thought out and she allowed me to simply relax while she did her thing. I will never use anyone else again after my experience with her.. Truly Amazing!!"
Morgan Leigh Willett
"I absolutely LOVED working with Meet Me In The Closet! I brought them on board for some much needed closet organization rehab in my new home. Jess and team came in and completely overhauled my existing closet spaces (including tackling my 7 year old's heap of toys / dresses / mismatched socks!). My primary closet immediately went from feeling like a hot mess to a luxury department store. I would absolutely hire Meet Me In The Closet again!"
Katie Robinson
“Ok, where do I begin . I met Jessica on one of the FB Groups I belong to and when I read her post offering her services as a closet organizer, I jumped on it . My closet was a true mess . When she came over we had a brief conversation and she just understood what I need and want my closest to look like . She took a great amount of time and creativity to put everything in order . It become my favorite area to walk in and find what I need in 2 secs . She made my day, week and month … also a pleasure to be around . Highly recommend!!!”
Antonia Pennington
"You truly cannot go wrong hiring Jessica!! My closet was an absolute mess- I didn’t even know where to begin and it had me feeling stressed and anxious every time I opened it. Luckily I met Jess! She had my closet looking so stunning that it actually inspired me to want to get into closet organizing! I begged her to teach me her ways and train me. She’s so incredible at what she does, she’s creative, she’s a hard and dedicated worker, and your closet doesn’t stand a chance against her 😂. Watching her work her magic never ceases to amaze me. I'm so honored to be training under such a talented person."
Rachel Oliver
"WOW! Not only is Meet Me In The Closet an organization wizard—they are sweet, kind, and out here changing lives. If you’re looking to free your mind of that daunting task that is cleaning up your closet I would highly recommend working with them! Now that my things are put away to perfection, I can sleep peacefully and start my days in a productive clutter free headspace! Thank you 🙏🏼💕"
Cait Little
"Jessica is amazing to work with and truly makes the impossible possible! I never would have thought I could have a beautiful closet but she pulled it off. She has great vision and can make it a space you love!"
Krystin Lemieux
"Jessica has been organizing my closet for years and she’s always done such An awesome job on it. My closet is literally my favorite place to be in my house. It’s so cute the way she incorporates all my little art pieces into my closet she really gets personality half goth half girly and it shows in the way she organizes my closet!!!"
Bella Quint
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